Compose Tweets

Compose tweets with images, videos, or music titles. Shrink URLs, Geotag tweets, lookup users and more.
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Auto Completion

Typing any @username prefix will search for matches in your entire following list (up to 3000 users). You can also scroll left or right to browser your entire following list or recent hashtag list. Tap any username or hashtag to auto complete the name.

Send Long Tweets

Send tweets exceeding 140 characters with your choice of TwitLonger or twtmore services. Select your preferred long tweet service in Tweetlogix Settings.
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Alphabetical Contacts

Muting retweets is as easy as flipping a switch. Navigate to More > Filters > Retweets.


Tweetlogix offers both native and comment style retweet actions. If you choose Comment and Retweet, the compose view will open allowing you to edit the retweet in the form RT @username.
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Tweet Music Titles

Easily Tweet music titles. Select the currently playing title, or select any title from your library. Tweetlogix also includes an iTunes search URL with the title.

Image and Video Attachments

Attach multiple images or videos to any tweet. Choose from images in your photo albums or take a photo with your iPhone camera directly within the app.

Note that Twitter's image service currently supports only one image per tweet.
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