How do I scroll to the top of a timeline?

Tap the iOS status bar (where time is displayed) to scroll to the top of any list view.


Does Tweetlogix support push notifications?

Sorry, Tweetlogix does not offer its own push notification service. However, iOS 7 users can enable a Background Refresh feature for infrequent local notifications. Learn more about background refresh.

If you’re needing instant Twitter notifications, a possible alternative is to configure Boxcar to receive Twitter push notifications and open Tweetlogix. For details, see this FAQ.

What is Background Refresh?

Background Refresh is a feature of iOS 7 which enables apps to occasionally awaken from a suspended state to refresh themselves. In Tweetlogix 2.3, you can enable background refresh for Twitter Mentions and Direct Messages. If new items are received during a background refresh, Tweetlogix will post iOS local notifications to Notification Center and update the Tweetlogix app badge.

Unlike iOS push notifications, background refresh occurs locally on your device and is invoked by iOS 7 at irregular intervals. This means that these notifications are not instantaneous and background refreshes occur only at times determined by iOS.


Why is retweet disabled for some tweets?

The retweet action is disabled for tweets posted by protected Twitter users. Twitter Terms of Service for developers do not permit sharing of protected Twitter content.

The web view is not showing full web pages. What's wrong?

Check to see if you have a web mobilizer enabled. To disable the mobilizer, tap the blue “text” button in the upper-right of the web view.

Twitter is reporting authentication errors. How can I fix this?

Most Twitter authentication problems can be resolved in Tweetlogix by logging in again to your existing account from the main Accounts view. You don’t need to delete your account, just tap + on the Accounts view and log in again with your existing username. This will re-authenticate your existing account.


Is there a way to quickly return to my home timeline?

Yes, you can return back to the home timeline from anywhere in the app by double-tapping the top navigation bar (where the title is shown).


Can I change Tweetlogix to show muted users in Mentions?

Yes, you can choose which timelines your filters are applied to by navigating to Settings > Filters > Scope. Then just turn off Mentions or any other timeline where you prefer not to mute tweets.

How can I configure Boxcar to open Tweetlogix?

Below are the steps to configure Boxcar 2 to open Tweetlogix. To learn more about Boxcar, checkout Boxcar in the App Store.

  1. Add your Twitter account in iOS Settings if it is not already added. To add your account, open iOS Settings from your home screen and navigate to Twitter > Add Account.
  2. In the Boxcar app, tap + in the lower left corner.
  3. Select Social, then select your Twitter account.
  4. When prompted, tap Activate, then customize your notification options. For example, if you want to receive notifications just for mentions, select only Mentions.
  5. Tap Settings in the lower right corner. Navigate to Third Party App > Open tweets with and select Tweetlogix.

How do I clear recent hashtags?

To clear the recent hashtags list, open the Compose view, then tap More > Hashtags. You’ll find a Clear button in the lower left.

What is Twitter's Rate Limit?

Twitter enforces a rate limit for third party apps which restricts the number of Twitter API requests that can be performed within the app for each user account. An API request can be thought of as a single Twitter operation, such as refreshing a timeline or sending a tweet.