Tweetlogix offers filtering for users, keywords, phrases, clients, or retweets. Filters apply instantly to your existing timeline and can be undone at any time. You can even review your muted-out tweets to see what you've missed.
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Mute Users or Clients

Muting users or clients is easy. Tap or swipe any tweet, then tap the Mute/Block button to see all your options.

Mute Hashtags, Keywords, or Phrases

Tap-and-hold any hashtag link to instantly mute it from your timeline.

You can also add filters to mute any keyword or phrase, with options for case sensitivity, whole word matching, and location.
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Mute Retweets

Filtering retweets is as easy as flipping a switch. You can choose whether retweets are shown in your Home Timeline or List timelines.

Review Muted Tweets

If you'd like to review tweets that have been muted from your timeline, navigate to Settings > Filters and turn on Hidden Tweets Link.

When enabled, just tap the Hidden Tweets link at the top of your timeline to review your muted tweets.
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Choose Where Filters are Used

If you prefer for filters to be used only with some timeline, it's easy to customize by navigating to Settings > Filters > Scope.

Filters will be used only with the selected timelines.