Design Themes

The Tweetlogix Theme Designer makes it easy to design, preview, and share your own custom color themes.
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Quick Theme Changes

Select or preview any theme from your Themes list. Theme changes apply immediately without any need to restart the app.

Share Themes

Sharing Tweetlogix themes with your friends is as easy as sending a tweet or email. Themes are tweeted as simple links. Search #TweetlogixTheme on Twitter to find themes tweeted by other Tweetlogix users.
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Import Themes

Preview and import themes by tapping a Tweetlogix theme link. Tweetlogix theme links begin with Simply tap a theme link to preview, import, or activate a theme.

Built-in Light and Dark Themes

Tweetlogix offers both light and dark built-in themes. Support for themes is very comprehensive and affects nearly every part of the app.
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