Paperlogix Documents Tab

The Documents tab presents your scanned documents as a traditional hierarchy of documents and folders.

Viewing Documents

Tap any document to open it in the document viewer. If your device offers 3D Touch you can also deep-tap an item to peek into its content.

Creating New Folders

To create a new folder tap Edit in the upper-right, then tap the New Folder button. You can also create a folder by dragging a document and dropping it onto another document. For more details see Drag and Drop.

Searching for Documents

To search for documents, pull down the search bar at the top of the app. You can choose to search the currently displayed collection, or All Folders.

Selecting Items and Performing Actions

Tap Edit in the upper-right to begin selecting documents or folders. After selecting one or more items you’ll find action buttons enabled at the bottom of your screen. These include actions for invoking workflows, moving, merging, tagging and deleting items.