What is Twitter's Rate Limit?

Twitter enforces a rate limit for all third party apps which restricts the number of Twitter API requests that can be performed from an app for each user account. An API request can be thought of as a single Twitter operation, such as refreshing a timeline or sending a tweet.

With Twitter's latest 1.1 API, the rate limit varies based upon the type of operation being performed, and resets every 15 minutes. For example, Twitter permits a maximum of 15 home timeline refreshes every 15 minutes. If you're interested in the technical details about Twitter's rate limiting policy see this article on Twitter's site.

If you notice at times that Tweetlogix stops receiving new tweets when you perform a pull-down refresh, this most likely indicates that you have exceeded Twitter's limit for the current 15 minute window.

If you find yourself frequently exceeding Twitter's rate limit, here are a few suggestions which can minimize the issue:

  • Use Twitter Lists. Unlike your home timeline, Twitter permits up to 180 refreshes every 15 minutes for all of your lists combined.
  • Adjust your Auto Refresh settings to refresh less frequently, and to refresh fewer timelines. See Settings > Refresh > Auto Refresh.
  • Before locking your phone, tap the home button to suspend the app. If you leave the app active then it will continue to auto refresh timelines.