Introducing Paperlogix: Scan and Automate

Today we’re excited to introduce Paperlogix, our brand new Document Scanner app for iOS. Paperlogix combines document scanning with automation to make organizing and archiving your scans easier then ever. Paperlogix is available today in the App Store.

Scan and Organize

Your iPhone or iPad camera is a scanner with Paperlogix.

Automatic cropping detects document edges and corrects for skew and perspective distortion. Background whitening transforms wrinkled paper to clean white backgrounds.

Get organized with folders and tags. Support for powerful iOS 11 Drag and Drop lets you easily move and tag your documents or folders.

Automate with Workflows and Rules

Create workflows and rules to automate common actions such as renaming, moving, or archiving documents.

Powerful text rules and built-in text recognition let you automatically process scans based on their content.


You can learn more about Paperlogix here.