Tweetlogix 1.2 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.2 is now available in the App Store. Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback. 

Important Note: This version is ready for Twitter’s “Snowflake” API changes taking effect on Friday, November 26th. Please be sure to upgrade before then. Earlier Tweetlogix versions will no longer function on Nov 26th.

New Features and Improvements

  • Timeline gap detection and expansion
  • Auto Refresh of home timeline, mentions, and direct messages
  • Auto Refresh settings for time interval and refresh enablement
  • Mentions badge showing number of newly retrieved mentions
  • Background task completion for uploading tweets and image attachments
  • New Reply All action when tapping-and-holding tweet cells containing mentions
  • New action to tweet links from web view, image view, or by tapping-and-holding links
  • Tweets are now shaded to denote mentions of yourself
  • App returns to home timeline of last active account when launched from shutdown state
  • List views now load the number of tweets specified in settings (up to 200)
  • Comment and Retweet now positions cursor at beginning of tweet
  • Compatible with Twitter’s new “Snowflake” 64-bit Tweet IDs taking effect on Nov 26th.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem where line wrapping of tweets could split groups of punctuation across lines
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when tapping Requests Counter cell in settings