Tweetlogix 1.3 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.3 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback.

New Features and Improvements

  • New Tweetlogix icon
  • Profile editing and profile image uploading
  • Direct message and DM conversation deletion
  • Auto rotation settings
  • Date format settings
  • Compose font setting
  • Timeline capacity setting
  • Gap fill setting (upward or downward)
  • Favorite action now uses outlined star icon if tweet is not favorited
  • Compose view now inserts contacts & hashtags at cursor position
  • Deleted tweets automatically removed from timeline
  • Refresh All action added for direct messages
  • Copy Link action added in web view
  • Improved recent users view to only show users recently tapped in timelines
  • Improved recent hashtags view to no longer include non-hashtag saved searches
  • Clear action added to recent hashtags view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem causing timeline and mentions badge to be reset after memory warning
  • Fixed problem where geo-tagged tweets may have inaccurate locations
  • Fixed problem where some user mentions were not shown as links
  • Fixed error reporting when Twitter service is unavailable
  • Fixed error when scrolling to end of search timeline