Tweetlogix 1.9.6 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.9.6 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved Find Replies search results
  • Swipe down to close images
  • Inline image support for Flickr short URLs,, and
  • Retweet Comment style settings (see Settings > Advanced)
  • Unfollowing users removes cached tweets from timelines
  • Saving to Pinboard now sets Pinboard’s toRead attribute
  • My Profile is now auto refreshed when activated
  • Improved design of Select Timeline view
  • Support for secure https Twitter search
  • Adjusted Timeline tap target to avoid accidental invocations

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem displaying inline images (Note that there is still a problem with images in the detailed tweet view - this will be fixed in the next update.)
  • Fixed problem marking unread direct messages
  • Fixed missing compose button when Messages is on located More page
  • Fixed keyword filtering for expanded long tweet content
  • Fixed problem displaying lengthy trend names