Tweetlogix 2.8.1 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 2.8.1 is available now in the App Store. This update introduces support for iPad Pro, an additional External Safari Web Browser option, and fixes a number of bugs. Thanks to everyone who has sent feedback and bug reports. We wish you a happy holiday and new year!

New Features

  • Support for iPad Pro
  • External Safari web browser option for iOS  9 (see Settings > Display > Web Browser)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem displaying some inline images
  • Fixed long tap action for user titles on iPhone 6s
  • Fixed compose view to allow posting empty tweets with image attachments
  • Fixed problem restoring scroll position if device is rotated while viewing an image
  • Fixed translate action for some device language and region settings
  • Fixed keyboard background color when composing tweets on iPad
  • Fixed problem opening Twitter Periscope app from web view
  • Fixed problem navigating to web links containing @ symbol
  • Fixed problem computing remaining characters in compose view
  • Fixed problem causing unnecessary background battery usage when Wi-Fi Streaming Scroll-to-Top option is enabled
Split View Multitasking on iPad Pro