Tweetlogix Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to information collected when using the Tweetlogix app.

Collection of Information

Twitter Login

When you login to Twitter within Tweetlogix, you’re interacting directly with Twitter’s web-based OAuth login page. Your password is never seen by Tweetlogix. Twitter returns an access token to the app, which is stored only in the iOS keychain on your device.

Passwords Stored for 3rd Party Services

Some features of Tweetlogix require username-password authentication with third party services. These services are: Instapaper, Pocket, and Pinboard. Your password is stored only in the iOS keychain on your device. You should refer to each of these third party services to understand their privacy policies.

Contact and Support

The Tweetlogix Info view offers a button action to contact us by email. When tapped, a draft email message will be opened containing the following information at the bottom of the message:

  • Tweetlogix Version Number
  • Device Model
  • iOS Version

This information is included to help us assist you with issues. If you prefer not to send us this information, you may delete it prior to sending the message.

Use of Information

Twitter Login

The Twitter access token for your Twitter account is used by the app only for the purposes of performing Twitter operations.

Twitter Operations

Tweetlogix makes use of Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API) to carry out your requested Twitter operations. You should refer to the Twitter Privacy Policy to understand how Twitter handles your personal information. Tweetlogix uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) communication for all interactions with

Passwords Stored for 3rd Party Services

The passwords stored for Instapaper, Pocket, and Pinboard are used by the app only for the purposes of performing your requested operations with these services.

Tweet Marker Synchronization

If you choose to synchronize your Twitter timeline locations with Tweet Marker, Tweetlogix will make use of Twitter echo authentication. This means that Twitter authentication is delegated from Tweetlogix to Tweet Marker for the purpose of saving your timeline location. You should refer to Tweet Marker to understand their privacy policy.

Posting Long Tweets

If you choose to post tweets exceeding 140 characters using the Twitlonger service, the content of your tweet will be stored by these service providers. You should refer to Twitlonger to understand their privacy policy.

Contact and Support

The information that you provide when contacting us by email will be used only for the purpose of responding to your contact or support inquiry. We take reasonable measures to protect this information from loss, theft, misuse, or unauthorized access.

Contacting Us about This Policy

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact us by email at

Changes to This Policy

This privacy policy may be changed from time to time. Changes to this policy are effective immediately and will be posted on this page along with the last revision date below.

Last revised: May 21, 2018.