Paperlogix 1.3 Available in App Store

Paperlogix 1.3 is available now in the App Store. This update introduces several improvements for automation and text rules in Paperlogix Pro.

New Features

  • Text Rules now support a Contains All/Any option for matching keywords and phrases (Pro)
  • New Recognize Text automation action, enabling you to invoke text recognition from any workflow or rule (Pro)
  • Support for reordering rules, enabling you full control of their execution order (Pro)
  • All rules now support an optional descriptive name to help you better organize your rules (Pro)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue reordering workflows and actions
  • Fixed possible crash when deleting a rule

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and suggestions. If you could take the time to rate or review Paperlogix in the App Store, we would greatly appreciate it.

Text Rule in Paperlogix 1.3