Tweetlogix 1.3.2 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.3.2 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone who has sent us feedback.

New Features and Improvements

  • Double-tap navigation title bar to easily return to home timeline
  • Nearby search now offers list view and auto recall of map/list selection
  • New setting to enable auto expansion of twtmore or TwitLonger tweets
  • New setting to enable auto geotagging when composing new tweets
  • Shortcut buttons for adding @ or # characters in compose view
  • New action to tweet search text from all search timeline views
  • Product info view now offers an action to follow us @tweetlogix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem where posting new tweet could create erroneous gap and duplicate tweet
  • Fixed crash when marking messages or mentions read with iOS 4.1 or older
  • Fixed geotag button to properly stop an active location search
  • Fixed layout issues when in-call status bar is active
  • Fixed missing read later button for some retweets