Tweetlogix 1.4 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.4 is available now in the App Store. We have a new Tweetlogix icon! Thanks to Elixir Graphics for creating this outstanding 3D puzzle icon. See it in their portfolio.

Thanks to all the Tweetlogix beta testers who have been busily testing the 1.4 release over the past two weeks. Your feedback has been super helpful!

New Features and Improvements

  • Inline conversations within detailed tweet view
  • Inline Instagram photo previews
  • Twitter People Search available in all search boxes and Contacts view
  • Support for Instapaper and Google Mobilizer
  • New web view toolbar action to adjust mobilizer settings
  • New settings for account configuration
  • Video upload to Posterous
  • Full support for right-to-left and BIDI text
  • Improved timeline scrolling performance
  • Place descriptions shown in tweets
  • Geotagging accuracy shown in Compose view beside pin
  • Tap pin in Compose to view location on map
  • Auto unwrapping of shortened image and video links
  • New font settings for enabling bold links and titles
  • Smaller timeline font size selections
  • New setting for detailed tweet font size
  • New setting for tweet line spacing
  • New theme setting for pinstripe or textured background
  • New setting for preferred long tweet service
  • Removed confirmation when adding new favorites
  • Hashtags typed in Compose view automatically added to recent list
  • Drop-down banners now supported in Compose view
  • Sending new DM from message view now opens full Contacts view
  • To ensure privacy, posting to Twitlonger and twtmore is no longer supported for Direct Messages or from protected accounts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible crash when closing Compose view
  • Fixed problem with unreliable geotagging
  • Fixed delay navigating back to previous views
  • Fixed sluggish behavior changing tabs
  • Fixed problem opening some app store links
  • Fixed problem shortening URLs with nested http references
  • Fixed detailed tweet view to allow long tweet expansion of any length
  • Fixed inline expansion for retweets
  • Fixed problem removing previously deleted DMs