Tweetlogix 1.4.1 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.4.1 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! Thanks also to our fantastic group of beta testers.

This is primarily a maintenance update, though we’ve also included a number of smaller enhancements.

Here’s what’s new in 1.4.1:

  • New Find Retweeters action available from detailed tweet view
  • Muted user filters now supported for home timeline, mentions, and lists
  • New Filter Scope settings
  • New Location Precision setting
  • Compose view now uses dark background for Blackboard theme
  • Favstar link action available in profile view
  • Image uploading support for Twitgoo and TwitrPix
  • Inline image support for Twitgoo, TwitrPix, and twipl
  • Support for $symbol financial symbol links
  • Hashtag links now support international characters
  • Trailing space auto-added after mentions and hashtags in compose view
  • Improved scrolling performance for lists of users
  • Improved performance adding new tweets to timelines
  • Reply All now supported for retweets
  • Emailed tweets now include link to tweet
  • Enabled posting long tweets from protected accounts
  • Enabled muting of retweets by username or retweeter name

Bug fixes

  • Fixed UI interruption during drop-down banner animation
  • Fixed problem where timeline may scroll to top after pull-down refresh
  • Fixed problem detecting timeline gaps
  • Fixed misordered recent hashtags after restarting app
  • Fixed problem where auto-geotagging was unnecessarily started when composing DMs
  • Fixed problem displaying conversations for retweets
  • Fixed problems with some actions invoked on retweets
  • Fixed problem displaying some inline images on retweets
  • Fixed search results to use hi-res profile images for Retina display
  • Fixed memory leak related to timeline views