Tweetlogix 1.5 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.5 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! Thanks also to our team of beta testers who have testing this release for more than a week.

New Features and Improvements

  • Auto-completion of usernames and hashtags in compose view
  • Pull down compose view to see reply-to tweet
  • Swipe any tweet for advanced toolbar
  • Hashtag and keyword muting
  • Regular-expression based keyword muting
  • Mute hashtags by tapping-and-holding hashtag links
  • Mute users by tapping-and-holding user links
  • User and keyword muting supported in search timelines
  • Local trends with definitions
  • Find nearby trend locations using location services, or browse countries and cities
  • Retweet actions now accessible from separate toolbar button
  • Favstar action now links directly to Favstar recent page
  • Swipe action to delete individual saved searches
  • Read it Later now uses full link and title when invoked from web view
  • New setting to disable inline photo previews
  • New security settings
  • New refresh on wake settings
  • Scroll position maintained when rotating timeline or message views
  • Changed Plixi image service to Lockerz
  • Retweeters view now shows user count in title
  • Improvements to reduce memory usage
  • Improvements to reduce UI interruption when updating timeline

Bug fixes

  • Fixed failure displaying followers/following lists with Arabic region formats
  • Fixed crash when adding a muted user using people search
  • Fixed clipped inline images for some retweets