Tweetlogix 1.5.1 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.5.1 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! 

Note that Twitter will be enforcing new account permission levels beginning June 30th. Please upgrade to this version and reauthorize existing accounts prior to that date. Tap the blue Reauthorize button in Accounts view. For more information, see Twitter Permission Levels.

New Features and Improvements

  • Twitter OAuth web flow login (now required by Twitter for DM access)
  • Reauthorize button in Accounts view. Please reauthorize existing accounts prior to June 30th.
  • Support for Mobypicture image and video uploading
  • Support for image uploading
  • Access drafts within compose view
  • Pulldown refresh displays last update time
  • Lists view offers customization of list order
  • Delete or unsubscribe in Lists view
  • Search bar remembers previous search text
  • Comment and Retweet inserts leading space
  • Revised icons in compose toolbar
  • Indicator icons in tweets sized proportionately for smaller fonts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed translation for devices set to British English language
  • Fixed titlebar double-tap to no longer invoke a timeline refresh
  • Fixed problem expanding invalid long tweet links
  • Fixed retweet overlay icon positioning in detailed tweet view
  • Fixed error handling when blocking/unblocking users
  • Fixed delete action for previously deleted tweets
  • Fixed handling of links ending with asterisks
  • Fixed lag when resetting pulldown refresh