Twitter Permission Levels

If you haven’t heard, Twitter recently announced changes affecting authentication and permission levels for third-party Twitter apps. To access Direct Messages, all third-party apps are now required to use Twitter’s web-based OAuth login page. Twitter is also requiring users to “reauthorize” existing account logins prior to June 30th. Reauthorizing will grant permission for the app to access direct messages.

The new Tweetlogix 1.5.1 update is ready for this change. After installing 1.5.1, you’ll find blue Reauthorize buttons in the Accounts view for each of your accounts. Tapping Reauthorize will open Twitter’s web-based login page. Enter your login credentials and tap Authorize. The Reauthorize button will disappear after your account is successfully reauthorized. This process must be repeated for each account.

Please reauthorize your accounts prior to June 30th, otherwise you will lose access to direct messages from the app on June 30th and Twitter will report errors.

If you use Tweetlogix with multiple devices, you must upgrade all devices to 1.5.1. After reauthorizing your accounts, devices using older Tweetlogix versions will report OAuth login errors.