Edit Colors

Colorlogix handles color model conversions and formats for you. Just one tap converts between RGB, HSB, HSL, or CMYK.

Edit values as integer, hex, percent, decimal, or degrees. A custom hex keyboard makes editing hex values simple.

The interactive color wheel and slider controls react simultaneously as you adjust colors. Choose between Red-Green-Blue or Red-Yellow-Blue color wheels.

Colorlogix Palette Editor
Custom Hex Keyboard

Create Color Combinations

Create harmony with Complementary, Split Complementary, Triadic, and Analogous color combinations.

Related colors are automatically linked together and updated as you make changes to any color.

Color Combination Options
Triadic and Analogous Colors

Design and Share Palettes

Create your own library of color palettes with Colorlogix. Synchronization with iCloud lets you access palettes on all your devices.

Each palette can be rendered in sRGB or Display P3 color spaces, and you can easily convert between color spaces.

Share your palettes as reference card images or source code, including CSS, Swift, and SwiftUI.

Colorlogix Palette Library
Share Palette as Reference Card Image

Share to Source Code

Colorlogix makes it easy to share your colors as Hex, CSS, Swift, SwiftUI, or Objective-C. With syntax-colored source previews you can easily view and adjust the code.

Using Universal Clipboard on iOS or iPadOS makes it easy to copy a color from Colorlogix to your Mac.

Share Colors to CSS
Share Colors to Swift

Pick Colors

The Colorlogix image color picker provides a precise, zoomable interface for finding colors in images. View both RGB and HSB values as you pan within the image.

A convenient popover color grid lets you quickly pick common colors.

Pick Colors from Images
Pick Colors from Lists

Color Spaces

Colorlogix takes advantage of your device’s wide color gamut, letting you visualize color in the Display P3 color space.

You can easily switch between sRGB and Display P3 color spaces. The Colorlogix color wheel and controls dynamically adapt to your selected color space.

Change Color Space
Color Space Settings