System Requirements

Colorlogix is compatible with iOS / iPadOS 15 and newer, including support for iOS / iPadOS 16.

Product Features

Edit Colors

  • Colorlogix handles color model conversions and formats for you. Just one tap converts between RGB, HSB, HSL, or CMYK.

  • Edit values as integer, hex, percent, decimal, or degrees. A custom hex keyboard makes editing hex values simple.

  • The interactive color wheel and slider controls react simultaneously as you adjust colors. Choose between Red-Green-Blue or Red-Yellow-Blue color wheels.

Create Color Combinations (Pro)

  • Easily create Complementary, Split Complementary, Triad, and Analogous color combinations. Related colors are automatically linked together and updated as you make changes.

  • Adjust the offset angle of Analogous and Split Complementary color combinations.

Pick Colors

  • The Colorlogix image color picker (Pro) provides a precise, zoomable interface for finding colors in images. View both RGB and HSB values as you pan within the image.

  • A convenient popover color picker lets you quickly pick from a color grid or from lists of common colors. Choose from CSS Colors, iOS System Colors, Grayscale, and more.

Design and Share Palettes

  • Create your own library of color palettes with Colorlogix. Synchronization with iCloud (Pro) lets you access palettes on all your devices.

  • Each palette can be rendered in sRGB or Display P3 color spaces, and you can easily convert between color spaces.

  • Share your palettes as reference card images, hex, or source code (Pro), including CSS, Swift, and SwiftUI.

Share to Source Code (Pro)

  • Colorlogix makes it easy to share your colors to CSS, Swift, SwiftUI, or Objective-C. With syntax-colored source previews you can easily view and adjust the code.

  • Using Universal Clipboard on iOS or iPadOS makes it easy to copy a color from Colorlogix to your Mac.