Powerful Filtering Made Easy

Silence Twitter noise by instantly muting users, hashtags, keywords, phrases, retweets, or clients.

Filters apply instantly to your existing timelines and can be undone at any time. You can even review your muted-out tweets to see what you’ve missed.

Mute Users, Retweets, or Clients
Mute Keywords, Phrases, or Hashtags

Rich Timeline

The Tweetlogix chronological timeline offers inline images, auto expansion of long tweets, gap detection, and much more.

Swipe any tweet for actions. Tap any tweet to view replies and conversations.

Powerful Chronological Timeline
Replies and Quotes in Detailed Tweet View

Design Your Own Color Themes

The Tweetlogix Theme Designer makes it easy to design, preview, and share your own color themes. Sharing a theme is as easy as sending a tweet.

Choose Your Color Theme
Design and Share Your Own Themes

Twitter Lists

Create or follow your favorite Twitter lists. Tweetlogix keeps track of each list’s unread tweet count and scroll position, just like your home timeline.

You can also use a Twitter list or saved search as a replacement for your main Tweetlogix timeline. Tap the Timeline titlebar, then select any of your owned or subscribed lists.

Create or Follow Twitter Lists
Customize Your Timeline to Display a List or Saved Search

Compose Tweets

Compose tweets with images, GIFs, videos, or music titles.

Auto completion of usernames, alphabetical contacts list, and much more.

Compose Tweets with Images, GIFs, Videos, or Music Titles
Search GIPHY for Your Favorite GIFs

Twitter Search

Twitter search is integrated throughout Tweetlogix.

At the top of timelines and lists, tap the search box to search the current timeline, or to search for tweets or people on Twitter. The search box also retains your last search text when you return back.

Search Integrated Throughout App
Save Your Favorite Searches

Accounts and Profiles

Tweetlogix supports multiple Twitter account logins.

The Accounts view offers convenient access to your Follower, Following, and unread Direct Message counts.

You can also edit your Twitter profile directly within Tweetlogix, including uploading of Twitter profile and header images.

Use Multiple Twitter Accounts
Edit Your Twitter Profile