How do I scroll to the top of a timeline?

You can easily scroll to the top of any list view in iOS by tapping the iOS Status Bar at the top of your screen (where time is displayed). This is built-in gesture provided by iOS, so you can use it in most apps.

Additionally, you can double-tap the Timeline or Mentions tabs in Tweetlogix to scroll to the top.

Why are some mentions not shown in the Mentions timeline?

There are a number of possible causes for missing mentions. Here are some suggestions to help troubleshoot the problem:

Twitter Quality Filter

A common cause for missing mentions is the Twitter Quality Filter, which can potentially filter-out mentions on Twitter’s side before they reach the client app.

To check if the Quality Filter is enabled for your account, log into Twitter using the web interface or an official Twitter app. Navigate to Settings and Privacy > Notifications > Filters. From there you can see if Quality Filter is turned on. You might consider temporarily turning off the Quality Filter as a way to check if it’s causing missing mentions.

Note that after making a change to the Twitter Quality Filter, you would need to clear your cache in Tweetlogix Settings to force the app to reload all mentions from Twitter.

Tweetlogix Filters

Another possible reason for missing mentions are user-defined filters within Tweetlogix. For example, keyword or client filters may cause mentions to be hidden within Tweetlogix.

A simple way to check if mentions are being hidden by filters is to navigate to Tweetlogix Settings > Filters, and turn on Muted Tweets Link. When enabled, Tweetlogix will display a link at the top of your mentions timeline if any tweets are being hidden by filters.

About Quoted Tweets

The Twitter API for retrieving mentions does not provide third party apps with quoted tweets, so unfortunately quotes of your tweets will not appear in the mentions timeline.

Does Tweetlogix offer push notifications?

Sorry, Tweetlogix does not offer its own push notification service. Twitter does not currently offer an API which enables third party Twitter apps to offer a real-time push notification service.

However, Tweetlogix does offer an option to enable iOS Background Refresh for infrequent local notifications of new mentions and direct messages. The major disadvantage of this option is that notifications are not instantaneous - they occur only infrequently at times determined by iOS. For details, see this FAQ explaining Background Refresh.

What is Background Refresh?

Background Refresh is a feature of iOS and iPadOS which enables apps to occasionally awaken from a suspended state to refresh themselves. In Tweetlogix, you can enable background refresh for Twitter Mentions and Direct Messages. If new items are received during a background refresh, Tweetlogix will post iOS local notifications and update the Tweetlogix app badge.

Unlike push notifications, background refresh occurs locally on your device and is invoked by iOS at irregular intervals. This means that these notifications occur infrequently at times determined by iOS. If you’re needing real-time notifications then this feature is unfortunately not for you.

To enable background refresh, open Tweetlogix Settings and navigate to Refresh > Background Refresh. From there you can turn on background refresh for Mentions and/or Messages. You can also choose whether the app should refresh all of your Twitter accounts, or just the last active account.

To adjust the style of notifications posted by Tweetlogix, see iOS Settings > Notifications > Tweetlogix.

If background refresh is not working for you, here’s a few things to check:

  • In Tweetlogix Settings, navigate to Refresh > Background Refresh and verify that Mentions and/or Messages are turned on. Also verify that the Scope option is set as desired.

  • In iOS Settings, navigate to General > Background App Refresh and verify that Background Refresh is enabled at the top, as well as for the Tweetlogix app. Note that you can choose whether Background App Refresh is enabled for Wi-Fi, or both Wi-Fi and Cellular networks.

  • In iOS settings, navigate to Battery and check whether Low Power Mode is enabled. When Low Power Mode is enabled, iOS will not perform background refresh for apps.

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your device and verify that Tweetlogix appears in the iOS Task Manager. The app must appear in the Task Manager in order to perform background refreshes. If you remove Tweetlogix in Task Manager then the app will be terminated and background refreshes will not occur.

Why is retweeting disabled for some tweets?

The retweet action is disabled for tweets posted by protected Twitter users. Twitter Terms of Service for developers do not permit sharing of protected Twitter content.

Twitter is reporting authentication errors. How can I fix this?

Most Twitter authentication problems can be resolved in Tweetlogix by logging in again to your existing account from the main Accounts view. You don’t need to delete your account, just tap + on the Accounts view and log in again with your existing username. This will re-authenticate your existing account.

If this technique doesn’t work, something else you might try is to revoke access for Tweetlogix on, then re-authenticate within Tweetlogix. Here’s how:

  1. Login to the Twitter web interface at
  2. In the upper-right, click the user pull-down menu, then click Settings.
  3. Click Apps on the left side.
  4. Find Tweetlogix in the Applications list and click Revoke Access.
  5. Go back to Tweetlogix. In the main Accounts view, tap + and login again to your existing account. If the account already exists, Tweetlogix will re-authenticate when it receives the response from Twitter.

Is there a way to quickly return to my home timeline?

Yes, you can return back to the home timeline from anywhere in the app by double-tapping the top navigation bar (where the title is shown).

Can I change Tweetlogix to show muted users in Mentions?

Yes, you can choose which timelines your filters are applied to by navigating to Settings > Filters > Scope. Then just turn off Mentions or any other timeline where you prefer not to mute tweets.

Is there a way to accept follower requests in Tweetlogix?

Sorry, Twitter does not offer the ability for third party apps to accept follower requests. These requests need to be accepted using the Twitter web interface or official Twitter mobile apps.

How do I clear recent hashtags?

To clear the recent hashtags list, open the Compose view, then tap More > Hashtags. You’ll find a Clear button in the lower left.

Does Tweetlogix support a URL scheme?

Yes, Tweetlogix can be launched using the tweetlogix:// protocol. For details, see the Tweetlogix URL Scheme documentation.

What is Twitter’s Rate Limit?

Twitter enforces a rate limit for all third party apps which restricts the number of Twitter API requests that can be performed from an app for each user account. An API request can be thought of as a single Twitter operation, such as refreshing a timeline or sending a tweet.

With Twitter’s latest 1.1 API, the rate limit varies based upon the type of operation being performed, and resets every 15 minutes. For example, Twitter permits a maximum of 15 home timeline refreshes every 15 minutes. If you’re interested in the technical details about Twitter’s rate limiting policy see this article on Twitter’s site.

If you notice at times that Tweetlogix stops receiving new tweets when you perform a pull-down refresh, this most likely indicates that you have exceeded Twitter’s limit for the current 15 minute window.

If you find yourself frequently exceeding Twitter’s rate limit, here are a few suggestions which can minimize the issue:

  • Use Twitter Lists. Unlike your home timeline, Twitter permits up to 180 refreshes every 15 minutes for all of your lists combined.
  • Adjust your Auto Refresh settings to refresh less frequently, and to refresh fewer timelines. See Settings > Refresh > Auto Refresh.
  • Before locking your phone, tap the home button to suspend the app. If you leave the app active then it will continue to auto refresh timelines.