System Requirements

Paperlogix is compatible with iOS / iPadOS 15 and newer, including support for iOS / iPadOS 16.

Product Features

Capture Scans with Your Camera

  • Automatic cropping detects document edges
  • Correction for skew and perspective distortion
  • Background whitening for clean, paper-white scans
  • Fine tune camera exposure
  • Scan using any of your device‚Äôs back cameras
  • Scan in color, grayscale, or black & white
  • Scan multi-page documents
  • Snap scans automatically with Auto Capture
  • Easily change scanning configuration with Capture Presets
  • Edit and create your own Capture Presets (Pro)

Organize Scans

  • Organize with nested folders (Basic or Pro)
  • Create tags to quickly access your documents or folders (Basic or Pro)
  • Move or tag items with iOS drag and drop

View and Edit Scans

  • Browse multi-page scans
  • Adjust colors, brightness, contrast, and rotation
  • Whiten backgrounds
  • Precision crop tool with magnifier
  • Instantly revert back to your original camera images
  • Peek into scans with 3D Touch
  • Merge scans


  • Instantly access recent documents
  • Instantly access tagged items and favorites
  • Find documents and folders with pull down search bar

Text Recognition (Pro)

  • Convert documents to selectable text
  • Built-in text recognition executes directly on your device

Cloud Services (Pro)

  • Share to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, or OneDrive
  • Upload to cloud services from workflows and rules

Automation (Pro)

  • Create workflows to automate common actions such as renaming, moving, or uploading documents
  • Create rules to perform actions automatically
  • Automatic text recognition for processing text rules
  • View the status of all your automation actions
  • Export and Import your workflows and rules

Automation Rules (Pro)

  • Perform actions when documents contain specific text
  • Perform actions when documents are created
  • Perform actions when documents are added to a folder
  • Perform actions when documents are tagged

Automation Actions (Pro)

  • Rename document
  • Move to folder
  • Tag document
  • Recognize Text
  • Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Evernote, or OneDrive cloud services
  • Save to Photos
  • Compose Email
  • Compose Message

Share Your Scans

  • Export scans as JPEG images
  • Export scans as PDF documents (Basic or Pro)
  • Encrypt exported PDF documents (Basic or Pro)

Color Themes

  • Support for dark mode
  • Customizable color themes (Basic or Pro)