Tweetlogix Features

Tweetlogix is compatible with iOS 10.3 and newer, including support for iOS 11.

Powerful Filtering

  • Mute users
  • Mute keywords or phrases
  • Mute retweets
  • Mute clients
  • Easily review your muted tweets
  • Filters apply instantly to your timeline

Customizable Themes

  • Design your own color themes
  • Tweet or email themes
  • Import themes
  • Built-in light and dark themes

Rich Timelines

  • Chronological ordering
  • Customize your timeline to display a list or saved search
  • Gap detection and expansion
  • 3D Touch support
  • Inline image previews
  • Inline display of quoted tweets
  • View Twitter videos
  • Auto expansion of long tweets
  • Tap-and-hold link actions 
  • Swipe any tweet for toolbar actions
  • Translate tweets
  • Twitter list and financial symbol links supported
  • Customizable font style

Conversations and Replies

  • Search for multi-part threads from any tweet
  • Tap any tweet to view conversation
  • Reply and quoted tweets search

Compose Tweets

  • Auto completion of usernames and hashtags
  • Alphabetized and indexed contacts 
  • Add images and videos
  • Tweet music titles
  • Send long tweets with TwitLonger
  • Background task completion for sending tweets
  • Choose from recent hashtags
  • Geotag tweets
  • Save and manage drafts
  • Shorten URLs with or TinyURL
  • Custom URL shortener and settings

Twitter Lists

  • Create and edit lists
  • Use a list as your main Timeline

Unread Counters and Synchronization

  • Unread count for timelines, lists, and messages 
  • Tweets marked read as you scroll
  • Tweet Marker synchronization

Bookmarks and Web Browsing

  • Save links to Instapaper, Pocket, or Pinboard 
  • Options for embedded or external Safari browser

Powerful Search

  • Search is integrated throughout the app
  • Search for people or tweets
  • Browse Twitter suggested users
  • Nearby search with map and list views
  • Use a Saved Search as your main timeline

Multiple Accounts

  • Easily import iOS Twitter accounts
  • Support for multiple Twitter accounts
  • Multi-account auto refresh
  • Convenient accounts summary view

Twitter Profiles

  • View recent images and videos for Twitter users
  • Search for quotes of a user
  • Edit your profile
  • Upload profile avatar and header images
  • View header images in user profiles


  • View current and local Twitter trends

More Features

  • Multitasking on iPad lets you seamlessly transition between Slide Over, Split View, and Full Screen modes
  • Landscape support everywhere
  • Rearrange your tabs
  • Share links with iOS Sharing Sheet