How to fix Authentication with iOS 5

Some users have reported a “Could not authenticate you” error after upgrading to iOS 5. Apparently the Twitter OAuth token which we store in Apple’s secure iOS keychain is not migrating properly to iOS 5.

To fix this problem, follow these steps:

Tweetlogix will automatically detect that your account exists and will re-authenticate the existing account. You will need to repeat this for each of your accounts.

Sorry about this inconvenience. I’ll be looking more into the cause of the problem.

Tweetlogix 1.7 Available in the App Store

Tweetlogix 1.7 is now available in the App Store. This update introduces a new Theme Designer! You can now design your own Tweetlogix color themes and share them with your friends. Sharing themes is as simple as sending a tweet. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Design your own Tweetlogix color themes
  • Share color themes with your friends - tweet or email themes
  • Import color themes by tapping theme links in tweets

Bug fixes

  • Fixed keyword filtering to handle display names
  • Fixed unwrapping in conversations
  • Fixed potential crash when editing Short URL settings
  • Fixed problem expanding long tweets
  • Compatibility fix for Twitter’s upcoming trend API changes

For more information about Tweetlogix, checkout our new FAQ.

Tweetlogix Anniversary & New Theme Designer

This week marks the one year anniversary of Tweetlogix entering the App Store! Thanks so much to all our customers who have helped make this product a success.

The upcoming Tweetlogix 1.7 update was submitted yesterday and is awaiting App Store approval. This special update introduces a new Tweetlogix Theme Designer! The Theme Designer makes it easy for you to design your own themes and share them with your friends. Sharing themes is as simple as sending a tweet. Simply tap a theme link in your timeline to preview and import the theme. Hope you enjoy it!

Tweetlogix 1.6.1 Available in the App Store

Tweetlogix 1.6.1 is available now in the App Store. This is a small update which includes a fix for the recent problem expanding wrapped TwitLonger links.

New Features

  • New app badge settings (see Settings > Badges)
  • New setting to always enable link wrapping (see Settings > URL Shortening)
  • Show Rate Limit now displays time until reset

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem expanding wrapped TwitLonger links
  • Fixed saving of badges when app is shutdown
  • Fixed pulldown refresh in Lists Following view
  • Fixed Lists Following view to load multiple pages
  • Fixed username completion after changing accounts in Compose view

For more information about Tweetlogix, checkout our new FAQ.

Tweetlogix 1.6 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.6. is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback!

New Features and Improvements

  • Home and List timeline badges
  • Scroll to mark tweets read
  • Search to find unread tweets (double-tap Timeline/Mentions)
  • Customize Mark Read behavior in settings
  • Enable or disable badges in settings
  • Sound effects for new tweets, mentions, messages, and sent events
  • Sound effect settings
  • Switch accounts in Compose view
  • Inline previews of Twitter-hosted images
  • Find Replies to tweets
  • New Search button to Find Replies or Find Retweeters
  • Full unwrapping with use of URL display names
  • Read It Later tweet attribution
  • Settings to auto-refresh active account or all accounts
  • Settings to enable confirms for retweet & add favorite actions
  • Customize mentions update size in settings
  • My Profile view now includes Select List Memberships action
  • Improvements to reduce interruptions when updating timelines
  • Improved timeline and tweet caching

Bug fixes

  • Fixed swipe delete for DMs
  • Fixed centering of multiline titles
  • Fixed problem expanding twtmore content
  • Fixed problem creating new lists
  • Fixed restore of Mentions timeline scroll position
  • Fixed background color problem in detailed tweet view
  • Fixed problem removing previously deleted DMs

Twitter Permission Levels

If you haven’t heard, Twitter recently announced changes affecting authentication and permission levels for third-party Twitter apps. To access Direct Messages, all third-party apps are now required to use Twitter’s web-based OAuth login page. Twitter is also requiring users to “reauthorize” existing account logins prior to June 30th. Reauthorizing will grant permission for the app to access direct messages.

The new Tweetlogix 1.5.1 update is ready for this change. After installing 1.5.1, you’ll find blue Reauthorize buttons in the Accounts view for each of your accounts. Tapping Reauthorize will open Twitter’s web-based login page. Enter your login credentials and tap Authorize. The Reauthorize button will disappear after your account is successfully reauthorized. This process must be repeated for each account.

Please reauthorize your accounts prior to June 30th, otherwise you will lose access to direct messages from the app on June 30th and Twitter will report errors.

If you use Tweetlogix with multiple devices, you must upgrade all devices to 1.5.1. After reauthorizing your accounts, devices using older Tweetlogix versions will report OAuth login errors.

Tweetlogix 1.5.1 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.5.1 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! 

Note that Twitter will be enforcing new account permission levels beginning June 30th. Please upgrade to this version and reauthorize existing accounts prior to that date. Tap the blue Reauthorize button in Accounts view. For more information, see Twitter Permission Levels.

New Features and Improvements

  • Twitter OAuth web flow login (now required by Twitter for DM access)
  • Reauthorize button in Accounts view. Please reauthorize existing accounts prior to June 30th.
  • Support for Mobypicture image and video uploading
  • Support for image uploading
  • Access drafts within compose view
  • Pulldown refresh displays last update time
  • Lists view offers customization of list order
  • Delete or unsubscribe in Lists view
  • Search bar remembers previous search text
  • Comment and Retweet inserts leading space
  • Revised icons in compose toolbar
  • Indicator icons in tweets sized proportionately for smaller fonts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed translation for devices set to British English language
  • Fixed titlebar double-tap to no longer invoke a timeline refresh
  • Fixed problem expanding invalid long tweet links
  • Fixed retweet overlay icon positioning in detailed tweet view
  • Fixed error handling when blocking/unblocking users
  • Fixed delete action for previously deleted tweets
  • Fixed handling of links ending with asterisks
  • Fixed lag when resetting pulldown refresh

Tweetlogix 1.5 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.5 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! Thanks also to our team of beta testers who have testing this release for more than a week.

New Features and Improvements

  • Auto-completion of usernames and hashtags in compose view
  • Pull down compose view to see reply-to tweet
  • Swipe any tweet for advanced toolbar
  • Hashtag and keyword muting
  • Regular-expression based keyword muting
  • Mute hashtags by tapping-and-holding hashtag links
  • Mute users by tapping-and-holding user links
  • User and keyword muting supported in search timelines
  • Local trends with definitions
  • Find nearby trend locations using location services, or browse countries and cities
  • Retweet actions now accessible from separate toolbar button
  • Favstar action now links directly to Favstar recent page
  • Swipe action to delete individual saved searches
  • Read it Later now uses full link and title when invoked from web view
  • New setting to disable inline photo previews
  • New security settings
  • New refresh on wake settings
  • Scroll position maintained when rotating timeline or message views
  • Changed Plixi image service to Lockerz
  • Retweeters view now shows user count in title
  • Improvements to reduce memory usage
  • Improvements to reduce UI interruption when updating timeline

Bug fixes

  • Fixed failure displaying followers/following lists with Arabic region formats
  • Fixed crash when adding a muted user using people search
  • Fixed clipped inline images for some retweets

Tweetlogix 1.4.1 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.4.1 is available now in the App Store. Thanks to everyone for your feedback! Thanks also to our fantastic group of beta testers.

This is primarily a maintenance update, though we’ve also included a number of smaller enhancements.

Here’s what’s new in 1.4.1:

  • New Find Retweeters action available from detailed tweet view
  • Muted user filters now supported for home timeline, mentions, and lists
  • New Filter Scope settings
  • New Location Precision setting
  • Compose view now uses dark background for Blackboard theme
  • Favstar link action available in profile view
  • Image uploading support for Twitgoo and TwitrPix
  • Inline image support for Twitgoo, TwitrPix, and twipl
  • Support for $symbol financial symbol links
  • Hashtag links now support international characters
  • Trailing space auto-added after mentions and hashtags in compose view
  • Improved scrolling performance for lists of users
  • Improved performance adding new tweets to timelines
  • Reply All now supported for retweets
  • Emailed tweets now include link to tweet
  • Enabled posting long tweets from protected accounts
  • Enabled muting of retweets by username or retweeter name

Bug fixes

  • Fixed UI interruption during drop-down banner animation
  • Fixed problem where timeline may scroll to top after pull-down refresh
  • Fixed problem detecting timeline gaps
  • Fixed misordered recent hashtags after restarting app
  • Fixed problem where auto-geotagging was unnecessarily started when composing DMs
  • Fixed problem displaying conversations for retweets
  • Fixed problems with some actions invoked on retweets
  • Fixed problem displaying some inline images on retweets
  • Fixed search results to use hi-res profile images for Retina display
  • Fixed memory leak related to timeline views

Tweetlogix 1.4 Available in App Store

Tweetlogix 1.4 is available now in the App Store. We have a new Tweetlogix icon! Thanks to Elixir Graphics for creating this outstanding 3D puzzle icon. See it in their portfolio.

Thanks to all the Tweetlogix beta testers who have been busily testing the 1.4 release over the past two weeks. Your feedback has been super helpful!

New Features and Improvements

  • Inline conversations within detailed tweet view
  • Inline Instagram photo previews
  • Twitter People Search available in all search boxes and Contacts view
  • Support for Instapaper and Google Mobilizer
  • New web view toolbar action to adjust mobilizer settings
  • New settings for account configuration
  • Video upload to Posterous
  • Full support for right-to-left and BIDI text
  • Improved timeline scrolling performance
  • Place descriptions shown in tweets
  • Geotagging accuracy shown in Compose view beside pin
  • Tap pin in Compose to view location on map
  • Auto unwrapping of shortened image and video links
  • New font settings for enabling bold links and titles
  • Smaller timeline font size selections
  • New setting for detailed tweet font size
  • New setting for tweet line spacing
  • New theme setting for pinstripe or textured background
  • New setting for preferred long tweet service
  • Removed confirmation when adding new favorites
  • Hashtags typed in Compose view automatically added to recent list
  • Drop-down banners now supported in Compose view
  • Sending new DM from message view now opens full Contacts view
  • To ensure privacy, posting to Twitlonger and twtmore is no longer supported for Direct Messages or from protected accounts

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible crash when closing Compose view
  • Fixed problem with unreliable geotagging
  • Fixed delay navigating back to previous views
  • Fixed sluggish behavior changing tabs
  • Fixed problem opening some app store links
  • Fixed problem shortening URLs with nested http references
  • Fixed detailed tweet view to allow long tweet expansion of any length
  • Fixed inline expansion for retweets
  • Fixed problem removing previously deleted DMs