Paperlogix Folders

You can easily use folders to organize your documents. Folders can be nested within one another, and can also be tagged.

Tip. Tagging a folder is a great way to provide quick access to deeply nested folders.

Creating New Folders

To create a new folder tap Edit in the upper-right, then tap the New Folder button. You can also create a folder by dragging a document and dropping it onto another document. For more details see Drag and Drop.

Adding Items to Folders

Items can be moved into a folder using drag and drop, or with the Move action.

Drag and Drop. Moving items into a folder with drag and drop is simple. Just tap and hold the item(s) to lift them, then drop them into the target folder. While the items are being dragged you can navigate throughout the app to locate the target folder.

Move Action. Items can also be moved to a folder by tapping the Edit button, selecting the desired items, then by invoking the Move to Folder action at the bottom. Invoking this action will prompt you to choose the desired target folder.