Capturing Scans with Paperlogix

To get started scanning documents, open Paperlogix Capture by tapping the Scan button at the bottom of the app.

The capture view is designed to make scanning fast and accurate. For best quality, position your device so that your document fills most of the camera view. Paperlogix automatically detects edges of your document and crops to remove skew and perspective distortion.

Adjust For A Great Scan

The buttons at the side of the camera view offer adjustments for capturing scans.

  • Save Mode: When scanning multiple pages, tap the save mode button to select how your scans will be saved. You can choose to save all scans as a single (multiple page) document, or to save each scan to its own document.
  • Camera Flash: Tap the Flash button to turn the camera flash on or off, or to select auto. When auto is selected, the flash will fire only in low light situations.
  • Color Mode: Tap the Color Mode button to choose color, grayscale, or black and white scanning. Don’t worry, you can always change the color mode later, after they are saved. Paperlogix always retains your original full resolution camera images.
  • Background Whitening: Tap the Background Whitening button to enable or disable background whitening. This feature will automatically enhance your cropped scans to produce clean, paper white images.

Focus and Exposure

Paperlogix will automatically focus and expose to the center of your detected document. This location is indicated by a purple focus box.

If you prefer to manually focus at a particular location, simply tap on your screen. When manually focused, the app will show a green focus box with a close button. Tapping the close button will reset back to automatic focus.

Customize Settings

Tap the settings button at the bottom to customize capture settings.

  • Grid: Turns on or off a background grid that you can use to help align your camera with a document.
  • Auto Crop: Turns on or off automatic detection and cropping to document edges.
  • Auto Capture: Turns on or off automatic capture (or “snapping”) of your scan when the camera is held steady over a document. This option is available only when Auto Crop is enabled.
  • Interactive: Turns on or off interactive mode. When turned on, you’ll be presented with an editing view immediately after capturing a scan.

Save Options

Tap the the title bar to adjust how your scans will be saved. You can choose the destination folder where your scans will be saved, along with any tags to be added to your scans.