Paperlogix Text Recognition

Paperlogix offers built-in text recognition (OCR), giving you the ability to convert scanned images to text. Text recognition is performed automatically if you have created Text Rules, or can be invoked manually.

Performing Text Recognition

To manually perform text recognition, tap a document, then tap the Text button at the bottom. If your document contains multiple pages, you’ll be asked whether you wish to recognize text on the current page, or for all pages in the document.

After text recognition completes, the text will displayed as an overlay above your document.

Copying Text

Tapping and holding on the recognized text will present a menu with options to copy the selected word, or the entire text on the page.

Choosing Text Recognition Language

By default text recognition in English. You can choose other languages by navigating to More > Settings > Text Recognition > Language. Selecting a language will download the language data to your local device.