Editing Scans in Paperlogix

Scanned pages can be easily edited to adjust color, brightness, contrast, whiten backgrounds, rotate, or crop. To begin editing a page, tap a document, then tap Edit Page in the upper right.

Paperlogix always keeps your original scanned images, so you can edit scans without any worry of damaging your original scanned images. If desired, you can choose to revert back to the original images captured by your camera.

Adjusting Colors

To adjust colors, tap the slider button at the bottom. This will present a popover with controls for color mode, background whitening, brightness, and contrast.

  • Color: Choosing Color will keep the original colors of your scanned image.
  • Whitening: Turning on background whitening will perform image filtering to normalize the background to pure white. This is very helpful for cleaning-up scans of paper with uneven backgrounds or shadows.
  • Grayscale: Choosing Grayscale will convert the image to shades of gray.
  • Black & White: Choosing Black & White will convert the image to pure black and white. This means that each pixel in the image will be either pure black or pure white.
  • Brightness and Contrast: You can adjust brightness and contrast using the sliders to fine tune the colors.


Rotating pages is easy performed using the left and right rotate buttons at the bottom. These buttons will rotate the image 90 degrees left or right with each tap.


Paperlogix offers a powerful crop tool that can be used to crop your document and correct it for skew and distortion. To begin cropping, tap the crop action at the bottom.

Tap any of the nine points to adjust the crop shape. As you move a point a magnifier will appear to help give you a close view of the pixels at that point. You can crop any shape and Paperlogix will automatically correct the perspective so that the final image is straight and square.