Paperlogix Text Rules

Text Rules are a powerful way to automate your scanned documents. A text rule triggers actions when the textual content of a scanned document matches specific keywords or phrases.

For example, you might use Text Rules to automatically organize and archive scanned receipts based on a store name contained in the receipt text.

How They Work

Text Rules are checked by Paperlogix whenever you create a new document, move a document to a folder, or tag a document.

When creating a Text Rule you can choose between three options:

  • Anywhere, will apply to documents located in any folder
  • In Folder, will apply only to documents in a specific folder
  • With Tag, will apply only to documents having a specific tag

Keywords and Phrases

The heart of a Text Rule is the list of keywords or phrases that trigger the rule. This is simply a space-separated list of keywords or phrases. For example:

coffee cafe "mocha latte"

This Text Rule will be triggered for documents containing the text "coffee", or "cafe", or "mocha latte". Notice that quotes are used to signify multi-word phrases.

You can also choose whether text matching is Case Sensitive, and whether it should match Whole Words Only.