Upload to Cloud Service Action

The Upload to Cloud Service automation action provides the ability to automatically upload documents or images to a cloud service.

Choosing a Cloud Service

You can choose from any cloud service account that you have already used within Paperlogix, or tap Add Cloud Service to add a new one.


Tap the Destination Folder item to select the target folder on your cloud service where the documents or images should be uploaded.

Upload Type

You can choose between three upload types:

  • PDF. Selecting PDF will cause the action to upload a standard PDF document containing all of the document pages. Tap PDF Settings to customize the PDF Page Size, Image DPI and Image Quality.
  • JPEG. Selecting JPEG will cause the action to upload JPEG images for each document page. Tap JPEG Settings to customize the Image Size and Quality.
  • Paperlogix. Selecting Paperlogix will cause the action to upload a Paperlogix document file. This format is a zip file with the .paperlogixdoc file extension.

Paperlogix document files contain the original full-resolution images captured from your camera, along with the metadata for your edits and text recognition. Paperlogix document files can be opened with Paperlogix on any device.